To break the barriers and fly without bounds and beyond boundaries.


To bring about a change, in oneself and the world.


That having to rely on a dependency, is going to be a thing of the past.


That with zeal, effort and vision, everything is achievable.

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We just started our journey

Come and experience life at The Grey Matter School where we explore our minds to new depths and learn English! We penetrate every idea and go to greath details till we attain mastery. Business Communication & MS-Office tools coupled with English will help you pivot yourself in the professional world.

Why wait? Come and join! and don't forget to bring your friends

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Why The Grey Matter School?

Find someone to encourage and help you practice learning English. TGMS will be that someone for you.

Practice vocabulary or spend time in English conversation, on the phone or at a café. Watch movies with a friend in English and see if you can understand the actors without looking at the subtitles. Start an English club in your town. TGMS will help you realilse your dreams.

Remember, you can fly. We help you SOAR!

Most of the time a learner gets distracted & feels frustrated because learning English is a never ending process & it takes years to achieve mastery. An English learner should start from the very basic & complete little goals first, that will give the pursuer the confidence to set higher goals. One cannot always become fluent in a very short span of time. Don’t set your goals unrealistically high, as it would hurt confidence.

Start building up with little tasks keeping a high goal in mind and keep at it. Appreciate yourself on every little goal you achieve and this shall boost your confidence. Remember, you can fly. We help you SOAR!

We value your feedback

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