English Communication

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Elementary Level

What you will learn

  • Initiating a conversation in English
  • Learning the fundamental intricacies and some intermediate of English grammar
  • Acquiring basic and some intermediate English skills.


  • No previous English knowledge is required
  • Open Mindedness
  • Willingness to learn and be better

Why you should learn at TGMS?

  • Each lesson is taught in the native language, with the visual support perfectly integrated in the context. The communication is adapted to each student and to real-life situations, in a friendly and easy manner
  • The students can learn English at their own pace, and in order to enhance their concentration and comfort level, the notes are available in the local language
  • The students can measure their performance and progress by doing multiple choice tests, an extremely efficient technique to review vocabulary and refine grammar for anyone who decides to take this English course for beginners

Intermediate Level

What you will learn

  • Have a deep knowledge of Intermediate English grammar.
  • Perfect your listening skills through practicing different accents.
  • Increase your understanding of more complex readings.
  • Improve your speaking to have more fluent conversations.
  • Expand your vocabulary range.
  • Be well prepared for your English exams.
  • Participate in a weekly game.


  • We strongly recommend taking the Beginner and Pre-Intermediate courses before taking this course


This course includes:

  • Couse structured in Units containing grammar and everything you need to improve your English easily
  • Sessions explaining the grammar topics in a very easy to understand way.
  • You will practise everything by doing exercises.
  • Lots of resources and exercises to practise your English in different scenarios and real life examples.
  • You will also improve your reading, pronunciation, spelling, and increase your vocabulary.
  • Monitor your progress with Review Tests along the course.

What will you gain after the course

  • After finishing this course you will be able to have a deep knowledge of the English grammar, and be capable of reading and writing using advanced English grammar, as well as being able to have a solid grammar base to have a perfect conversation in English.
  • Taking this course is the way to perfect your grammar knowledge as you will learn the differences in use between most verb tenses.
  • You will be asked to do review tests in order to make sure you gained a solid knowledge of the English grammar taught in this course.

Who should take this course?

This course is oriented to students who want to improve their English from a lower level to a higher - intermediate level.

Advanced Level

Go from intermediate English to mastering advanced topics in this Advanced English Course.

What you will learn

  • You will be able to describe personalities; express likes and dislikes; agree and disagree on a variety of topics
  • You will be able to describe jobs and discuss the positive and negative aspects of some jobs
  • You will be able to make direct and indirect requests
  • You will be able to describe events and experiences in the past
  • You will be able to talk about moving abroad and describe cultural expectations


  • You should already be familiar with Elementary and Intermediate level English topics
  • An open mind
  • Willingness to learn and be better


This is an advanced English course for non-native English speakers. This course will help you go from intermediate to mastering advanced English topics. By the end of this course you will develop skills to communicate independently and become more fluent in English.

The course covers real world topics such as free time, jobs, careers, world news, traveling and entertainment. This Advanced English course is structured into 5 sections in which you will be exposed to:

  • Advanced English Grammar lessons
  • Listening activities
  • Reading: You'll read real world articles. The goal is to improve your reading and comprehension skills, you will develop reading strategies and skills such as identifying main ideas and understanding vocabulary in context.
  • Vocabulary: Throughout the course you'll be exposed to complex sentences and new English Language Vocabulary which will improve your fluency
  • Writing / Group Discussion / Forum: This tool will be extremely useful for English as a Second Language Learners as it will also be part of the class, You'll voice your opinions from the course via this tool, group correction and discussion is also encouraged

Why take this course?

  • Knowing English increases your chances of getting a good job in a multinational company within your home country or abroad.
  • English is the language of business, science, aviation, computers, diplomacy, and tourism. English is also the language of the media industry.
  • If you speak English, you won't need to rely on translations and subtitles anymore to enjoy your favourite books, songs, films and TV shows.
  • We are living in a Global world, technology has enabled us to be closer to each other via the internet.
  • In this Global environment we must learn very fast or be left behind, join this course and become part of the digital revolution.

Who should take this course?

This course is meant for English as a Foreign language students who have an intermediate level.